EuropeClouds Summit 2021 -Liana Ziskind- Data Migration from one cloud provider to another

MarkeTech Group
June 1, 2022

EuropeClouds Summit 2021

Data Migration from one cloud provider to another

To talk and understand all the consequences of cloud data migration, let's go back a little.

In the last years, more companies feel secure moving their data to the cloud. The trust in data stored in remote servers is growing so significantly that even the traditional market sectors take that step into the cloud with their most valuable assets: the data. With this growing demand, it is only natural we find an increasing number of cloud data solutions. This demand created two schools: native data cloud platforms and traditional data-warehouse companies suggesting their platform as managed solutions on cloud platforms, while the main would be: AWS, Azure, and GCP.

We will show the difference between the two approaches, the pros and cons of using each. Then we will dive into the native data clouds. Comparison of main features between the most popular data cloud providers will give you tools for better decision-making on the cloud platform that best fits your organization.

Further will get to the presentation’s main focus: migration of data from one cloud to another. We will discuss when it is profitable to migrate, looking at the long-run values and the different aspects to consider. Once you decided to migrate your data, only then starts the actual challenge. What are the challenges and the steps you should take to safely migrate your production data and infrastructure while maintaining data integrity? Finally, what its costs in the sense of human resources, time, and the most critical aspect: the focus on your core business targets and values.

Liana Ziskind

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