EuropeClouds Summit 2021 -Apache Kafka and Flink: Stateful Streaming Data Pipelines made easy with SQL

MarkeTech Group
April 27, 2022

EuropeClouds Summit 2021

Apache Kafka and Flink: Stateful Streaming Data Pipelines made easy with SQL

A stateful streaming data pipeline needs both a solid base and an engine to drive the data. Apache Kafka is an excellent choice for storing and transmitting high throughput and low latency messages. Apache Flink adds the cherry on top with a distributed stateful compute engine available in a variety of languages, including SQL.

In this session we'll explore how Apache Flink operates in conjunction with Apache Kafka to build stateful streaming data pipelines, and the problems we can solve with this combination. We will explore Flink's SQL client, showing how to define connections and transformations with the most known and beloved language in the data industry.
This session is aimed at data professionals who want to reduce the barrier to streaming data pipelines by making them configurable as a set of simple SQL commands.

Francesco Tisiot

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