Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #114

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Cloud Computing
July 10, 2022

Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #114- 30.06.22 - 08.07.22


M1 Mac mini instances now generally available in Amazon AWS cloud service

Amazon Web Services has announced that its M1 Mac mini cloud computing instances are out of preview and are currently generally available to customers.

Following a preview in December 2021, AWS is now making the M1 Mac mini instances live for all users. According to Amazon, the new instances provide up to 60% better price performance than Intel Mac mini instances.

Microsoft face claims of Azure capacity issues, regional limits

 Microsoft Azure services might quietly be facing capacity issues, according to The Information. The technology reporting site made the claim that as many as two dozen Azure data centres worldwide are currently operating on limited capacity, citing two anonymous Microsoft managers and an engineer.

Google Cloud Launches New Sustainability Offerings for Climate Resiliency

At the recent Sustainability Summit, Google launched several new sustainability offerings to help public sector agencies and researchers to improve climate resilience. These offerings are Climate Insights for natural resources and Climate Insights for infrastructure.

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