Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #113

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Cloud Computing
July 1, 2022

Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #113- 23.06.22 - 30.06.22


AWS Releases IoT ExpressLink: Cloud-Connectivity Software for Hardware Modules

announced the general availability of AWS IoT ExpressLink. The cloud-connectivity software supports wireless hardware modules to build IoT products that connect with cloud services.


Microsoft To Screen Its Azure Customers on Facial Recognition Use Cases

Microsoft announced version 2 of its "Responsible AI Standard" document, and disclosed a use-case approval process for its Azure Face API, Computer Vision, and Video Indexer customers.


Google Cloud earns cloud assurance certification

Google Cloud has received cloud assurance certification from global consulting firm USDM Life Sciences, meaning the technology has successfully satisfied 34 worldwide health authorities' nonfunctional

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