Startup of the week #1 - CloudWize

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Startup of the Week
January 13, 2021

Our story

Hi, we are CloudWize! Nice to meet you

We are a SaaS tool that helps organizations regain visibility and control over their ever-changing cloud architecture.  

Our platform allows cloud teams to easily understand changes to their cloud architecture and their impact across different cloud environments and services, including co-dependencies. The accumulated knowledge is then turned into rules and alerts that provide ongoing monitoring and visibility for an optimized, problem-free cloud architecture.

Working with us, teams can troubleshoot faster, prevent incidents from reoccurring, detect divergence from best practices, optimize cloud related costs, and ensure security and compliance policies are met.

Our story

Our vision

We are in the business of giving control to cloud architects, helping cloud teams create an optimized, problem-free, cloud architecture.

Gain Observability & Control Over Your Cloud Services

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